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Payment Options

Easy ways to pay.


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Four easy ways to pay a debt



To make a payment online, click the "Pay Now" link on your invoice or make the payment directly into our bank account. Our bank account details are:
Smart Collections Ltd
ASB 12-3209-0381557-02
Please include your name and invoice number in the reference details.


Automatic Payment

Contact your bank by phone or through online banking and arrange for regular payments to be made to our account.
Smart Collections Ltd
ASB 12-3209-0381557-02
Please include your name and invoice number in the reference details.

Credit Card

We accept Visa and Mastercard. To make a credit card payment click the "Pay Now" link on your invoice, or give us a call with your details.



Please make your cheque payable to:
"Smart Collections Ltd"
And send to:
Smart Collections
PO Box 984, 
Whangarei 0140

We take a positive approach to bring about the very best outcome for all parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know how much I owe?

Please contact us and we will email your invoice showing the amount payable and the payments made. Email us.

What are my payment options?

There are four ways to pay a debt: Online banking, by regular automatic payment, by credit card, or by cheque. Payment over time is likely to attract interest charges.


What are my rights?

If you owe a debt, you must pay it. It is important that you not ignore our communications because this could result in the debt growing bigger or us taking you to the Disputes Tribunal or court to require you to pay. If you do not think you owe the debt, or you think the amount is wrong, please let us know ASAP and explain why you think this is. We will tell you whether we agree or not and try to resolve the dispute without having to go through the Disputes Tribunal or the Courts.

Do you charge interest on the overdue account?

Where our clients terms of trade provide for interest to be charged then yes, interest is charged unless you have reached an agreement with us that interest won't be charged. In some cases interest is not charged where a repayment arrangement has been agreed to and the payments are made when due.


Do I have to pay the debt collection costs?

Where our clients terms of trade provide for the recovery of the debt collection then yes, you will be liable for those costs. Those charges are our costs, court filing fees, legal costs if necessary, search fees, and the like. Those costs can be significant, which is why we encourage you to talk to us about your debt and let us know if your financial circumstances change.


What happens if I do nothing?

If you don't contact us, or you do not want to work towards a solution, then debt collection proceedings will be initiated. That starts by entering the debt on your credit record, which may affect your ability to obtain credit in the future. We then proceed to collection through the Courts, which may take many forms including an attachment order against your earnings, seizure of property, or bankruptcy.

Smart Collections

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